Get Your Drivers Ready for 2023 CVSA International Roadcheck

CVSA International Roadcheck is coming May 16-18 with a particular focus on ABS and cargo securement. Here are five tips to prepare for a successful Roadcheck event.

Published On: 04/19/2023
Officer conducting a roadside inspection
J. J. Keller Industry Consultant Tom Bray

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Tom Bray

Sr. Industry Business Advisor — J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

CVSA International Roadcheck is coming May 16-18 with a particular focus on ABS and cargo securement. Ensure your preparation includes every aspect of your operation, from the maintenance shop to safety and human resources. Poor roadside inspections need to be addressed because they have the potential to trigger enforcement activity once your CSA scores start to trend upward.

Here are five tips and resources to help your organization prepare for a successful Roadcheck event.

1. Check your records.

2. Refresh your drivers on vehicle inspections.

This will require a training and communications focus on ABS and securement. Ensure drivers understand the "key on ABS check" and have them call in immediately if they have an active ABS malfunction light. Cargo is to be secured against movement (in all four directions) using vehicle structures (walls, doors, etc.), dunnage, blocking and bracing, shoring bars or straps, or tie-downs. Open deck drivers must consider weight and length requirements when determining the proper number of tie-downs, and tie-downs must be in good condition and edge-protected when necessary.

3. Engage the maintenance team.

Verify that all periodic inspections (normally annual) are current; that scheduled maintenance has been performed; and that technicians are doing visual inspections of the ABS components (sensors, wires, control units, modulators, etc.) and the key-on check during maintenance activities. Many of the violations discovered by enforcement are ones that drivers will not spot (brakes out of adjustment, inadequate friction material on the brakes, etc.).

4. Ensure drivers are qualified and current.

Check DQ files and make sure drivers have the following:

  • The correct license and endorsements for the vehicle they are driving
  • A current medical card
  • Their required credentials with them (license and medical card if a non-CDL CMV driver)

Managing driver qualification requires conducting annual reviews of the drivers' MVRs and tracking expiration dates on DQ items (license, medical card, training, etc.). If you don’t already have one, automate your monitoring and recordkeeping with a fleet management system. Download the free DQ Inventory Worksheet for a checklist of requirements.

5. Review hours of service records and refresh training as needed.

Remind drivers:

  • What must be presented to the officer if using an ELD (display and the ability to transfer data if requested)
  • How to present the required information (and transfer it if using an ELD)
  • What supporting documents and materials are required (fuel receipts, expense receipts, etc.)
  • If using an ELD, ensure drivers possess the ELD user guide, transfer instructions, malfunction instructions, and blank logs

Free Roadside Inspection E-Book

Prepare your drivers and staff for a successful Roadcheck 2023 with J. J. Keller's FREE guide, DOT Roadside Inspections — A Guide to the Driver Inspection Process. It contains valuable tips you can use to ensure your drivers are prepared for the enforcement interview, document verification, duty status records review (paper logs, time records, and ELDs), review of DVIRs, and annual inspection check.

If you haven’t already, review your last 6-12 months of roadside violations and ensure you’ve dealt with drivers and vehicles with roadside inspection violations. This requires internal records be audited and that you are tracking roadside inspection results and data. If you need help figuring out where to start, download the FREE whitepaper, DOT Roadside Inspections Data: A Methodology to Drive Improvement, for expert guidance and a formula that can help you uncover your most critical issues.

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