Electronic Logging Devices

Compliance with the ELD Mandate

Hours-of-Service Compliance from the Experts

Encompass® with ELogs delivers best-in-class U.S. mandate compliance for any fleet required to use electronic logs. The solution delivers operational benefits like vehicle tracking, geofencing, and mapping, as well as driver performance management to help you identify and coach speeding, hard braking, and other risky and inefficient driving behaviors.

With J. J. Keller® ELDs, you get:
  • Peace of mind that your drivers are compliant with the FMCSA hours of service regulations

  • Power to mitigate risk with visibility to drivers' performance & training

  • Flexibility with multiple rulesets & regulatory exceptions

  • Confidence that all your hours-of-service records are DOT-ready

  • 24/7 Driver Support to keep your drivers moving

  • Roadside Inspection Hotline to support drivers during inspections

J. J. Keller Electronic Logging Device

ELD device and box and cable

J. J. Keller® ELDs

Engine data from the ELD is sent via Bluetooth to the driver’s smart device, automating hours of service. Data is then transmitted to the J. J. Keller® Encompass® System.

This simple, flexible, affordable ELD-compliant solution offers:

  • Quick, easy installation
  • Class 1-8 compatibility (various harnesses available)
  • U.S. and Canadian Mandate compliant
  • Over-the-air updates

Driver in cab using ELD app shown on phone

Encompass® ELD Mobile App

The Encompass® ELD app uses a driver-friendly interface to present hours-of-service data to drivers, optimize on-duty and driving hours, and reduce the risk of violations through regulatory alerts of impending thresholds. Rated at 4+ stars in the App® Store and the Google Play™ Store, the application is easy for drivers and has the features they need on the road.

Your drivers will be pleased with these features:

  • Bring-your-own-device option (BYOD) iPhone® and Android™ device compatibility
  • Driver-friendly app with team driving, border crossing, hyrail, and more
  • Ability to track personal use, personal conveyance, & yard moves
  • In-app driver alerts for approaching HOS thresholds
  • Multiple HOS rulesets
  • eDVIR features
  • Mobile messaging

Home screen on compliance tablets

J. J. Keller® Compliance Tablet

The J. J. Keller® Compliance Tablet offers a simple, flexible solution for quickly integrating ELogs and DVIRs — without using drivers’ personal smart devices. The Compliance Tablet comes preloaded with the Encompass® ELD mobile app so that you can use it right out of the box. It removes the hassle of securing smart devices for your fleet and consolidates billing of hardware, data plans, and Encompass to one invoice.

It offers:

  • Android™ tablet technology in Rugged and Professional device options
  • Lock-down feature to prevent distraction and misuse
  • Remote technical support access
  • CoPilot™ Truck Navigation (optional)
  • 2- & 3-year device protection plans (optional)

Laptop with Fleet Management screen

Encompass® Fleet Management System

The Encompass® Fleet Management System supports electronic hours of service with J. J. Keller® ELDs through 100% log auditing, critical back-office alerts and notifications of pending violations, as well as hours tracking for exempt fleets, personal use, personal conveyance, yard moves, and timecards. 

You also have access to optional data and features, including:

  • Geofencing
  • GPS location tracking
  • Driver behaviors: speeding, hard-braking, idle time, hard acceleration, and more
  • Automated IFTA & IRP tracking
  • Encompass™ SmartAssign Technology — a proprietary algorithm to reduce unassigned events


Encompass® with ELogs supports:

  • Alaska 7 Day & Alaska 8 Day
  • California Intrastate Passenger Carrying
  • California Intrastate Property Carrying
  • CA Motion Picture 80 Hour
  • Canada Cycle 1 (North and South)
  • Canada Cycle 2 (North and South)
  • Exempt Logs 150-air mile CDL exception
  • Exempt Logs 150-air mile Non-CDL exception
  • Florida 7 Day & Florida 8 Day
  • Texas
  • TX Oil Field
  • The US 60 Hour
  • US 60 Construction
  • US 70 Hour 
  • US 70 Construction
  • US 60 Motion Picture
  • US 70 Motion Picture
  • Wisconsin 7 (NOV2006) & Wisconsin 8 (NOV2006)

The Encompass® ELD App also provides for common and unique driving situations, including team driving (separate and shared mobile devices), personal conveyance, border crossing, hyrail, yard moves, and more.

Encompass with manual entry of hours of service supports:

  • Alaska 7 Day & Alaska 8 Day
  • Arizona Public Service
  • California
  • California Ag
  • California Intrastate Bus
  • CA Motion Picture 80
  • Canada Cycle 1 (North and South)
  • Canada Cycle 2 (North and South)
  • Canadian 60/70/120
  • Canadian 60 Only
  • Canadian 70 Only
  • Florida 7 (Oct 2006) & Florida 8 (Oct 2006)
  • Iowa Construction 7 & Iowa Construction 8
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska 7 Day & Nebraska 8 Day
  • North Carolina 7 Day & North Carolina 8 Day
  • Oklahoma 7 Day & Oklahoma 8 Day
  • Oregon 7 Day & Oregon 8 Day
  • Oregon 7 (APR 2007) & Oregon 8 (APR 2007)
  • South Carolina 7 Day & South Carolina 8 Day
  • US 60 Construction & US 70 Construction
  • US 60 Utility & US 70 Utility
  • Wisconsin 7 Day & Wisconsin 8 Day

In 2023, the five most common ELD falsification methods (violations under §395.8(e) False log), were:

  1. Misusing personal conveyance (395.28 and Interpretation #26, 395.8)
  2. Logging out of the ELD and keep driving on the unassigned driver profile (395.32)
  3. Sharing ELD logins among drivers or using a “ghost driver” account (395.22)
  4. Unplugging the ELD while repositioning (395.20)
  5. Editing on-duty time to off-duty time (395.2 definition of On-duty time and 395.30)

A driver doesn’t have to use an ELD and can use paper logs on any day when:

  • Eligible for a short-haul exception,
  • Driving a pre-2000 model year vehicle or a vehicle with a pre-2000 model year engine,
  • Engaged in certain driveaway-towaway operations where the vehicle being driven is the cargo being delivered,
  • Required to use logs on eight or fewer days within any 30 consecutive days, or
  • Operating a CMV rented for a contractual period of 8 days or less.

Let our electronic logging devices (ELDs) track your fleet's GPS data for miles driven within each state and province. Data is transmitted to the Encompass® System where our reporting helps you reconcile and prepare IFTA reporting forms for each state and province electronically, saving you and your drivers time. Easily import fuel card data and audit it against driver hours of service records.

When paired with ELDs, the Encompass® Fleet Management System eliminates missing, illegible or late paperwork; forgotten entries; and erroneous information.

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