Encompass® Video Event Management

Risk Mitigation & Driver Exoneration with Dash Cam Video

Prevent Risky Driving with the J. J. Keller® Dash Cam Pro

Reduce the threat of nuclear verdicts, exonerate innocent drivers, and proactively coach drivers through advanced detection and continuous tracking of dangerous driving behaviors and accidents with Encompass® Video Event Management and the dual-facing J. J. Keller® Dash Cam Pro.

Detecting risky driving is essential to today's fleets. The innovative Dash Cam Pro with AI technology, paired with powerful Encompass Video Event Management technology, helps carriers achieve their safety goals and build a positive driver culture while reducing the frequency of risky behaviors and potential litigation.

Our dash cam captures video footage of:
  • Forward collision

  • Cellphone use

  • Tailgating

  • Distracted driving

  • Fatigued driving

  • And more!

Encompass® Video Event Management

dash camera driver and cab sides

Dash Cam Pro

The Dash Cam Pro delivers dual-facing HD video with passive ADAS monitoring, ensuring remarkable clarity and critical visibility to accidents and poor driving behaviors. AI and G-sensor triggered events, including lane departure, distracted driving, driver fatigue, cell phone, tailgating, forward collision, speed limit sign, rolling stop sign, pedestrian collision warning, driver view obstructed, seatbelt detection, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, and possible collision.

Laptop with Video Dashboard on screeen

Encompass® Video Event Management

Encompass® Video Event Management provides a comprehensive back-office dashboard, video scoring, Court Reporter™ Event File Manager, and more. An intuitive, secure back-office supports the Dash Cam Pro through a proprietary algorithm that categorizes events and reduces false positives, saving you time and ensuring a quick response to accidents. Easily score videos and prioritize them. Choose from three subscription levels — Essential, Advanced, and Premium.

Laptop with video events on screen and phone with video

Remote Driver Coaching Workflow

Use the Driver Coaching Workflow to share videos, provide coaching, and track engagement. Drivers can review videos, accept scores, comment, and request a discussion from Wi-Fi or cellular-connected devices. In addition, the workflow provides documentation of driver responses and your corrective actions, reducing your risk of litigation. Get the ROI and behavior medication you want with quick assignment of corrective action training and award-winning J. J. Keller Training in on-demand, streaming video, and classroom formats.

Cargo, interior, exterior and side vehicle cameras

Integrated Auxiliary Cameras for CMVs

Consider adding Dash Cam Pro-compatible auxiliary cameras to the interior and exterior areas of your truck, cab, and trailer. Videos from these cameras provide additional angles of a crash or accident and support a comprehensive video record, which can assist your legal team in planning your defense. Auxiliary cameras can also provide video proof of non-preventable crashes, which you can submit to the FMCSA Crash Preventability Determination Program. If FMCSA determines the accident is non-preventable, it will remove the crash from your CSA Crash BASIC score.

J. J. Keller® auxiliary camera styles include two cargo/utility cameras, side view cameras, and a rugged exterior camera.

Watch Dash Cam Videos

The J. J. Keller® Dash Cam Pro captures different driver behaviors using artificial intelligence embedded within Encompass® Video Event Management.


AI and G-sensor triggered events, including lane departure, distracted driving, driver fatigue, cell phone, tailgating, forward collision, speed limit sign, rolling stop sign, pedestrian collision warning, driver view obstructed, seatbelt detection, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, and possible collision.

Dash cams can result in reduced premiums as a result of lowering your overall risk portfolio. Underwriters are keenly interested in a carrier’s compliance trendlines and whether the carrier uses in-cab technology, like dash cameras. That's because data from these devices, like hard braking and lane deviations, provide insights into a fleet's risk. Without visibility to your safety program data, the underwriter assumes that technology and safety efforts are not in place. No news for them is not good news. Keep your underwriter/insurer aware of your tech investments and ongoing efforts to reduce risk.

Dash cams are one of the best ways to target unsafe driving behaviors. Eliminating dangerous driving pays dividends quickly since all cost savings from reducing accidents and violations increase bottom-line profits. Consider speeding behaviors. In 2022, speeding 6-10 MPH over the speed limit was the #2 violation with 57,469 violations (§392.2SLLS2). When you use dash cams to monitor adherence to speed limits, you reduce the following avoidable adverse outcomes:

• Greater number of crashes,

• Increased crash severity,

• Higher miles per gallon (mpg),

• Adverse reports from the motoring public, and

• Unnecessary wear on the vehicle’s driveline and brakes.

With all the other behaviors you can track with dash cams, imagine what you can accomplish!

The Dash Cam Pro can be easily installed (and powered) with three different methods: a cigarette adapter; a 9-pin or OBD-II harness into the vehicle's diagnostic port; or via a hardwire connection. A web-based application lets the installer view the camera's focus area and precisely mount the dash cam. (Mount is included.) Y-splitter harness kits are available to support additional in-cab technology.

Are you using Geotab?

Consider the VideoProtects® Video Event Management System. It’s a dual-facing dash cam solution built for MyGeotab users.

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The Value of a Dash Cam Video Review Service

The Value of a Dash Cam Video Review Service

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