Encompass® Vehicle Tracking

24/7 GPS Fleet Tracking with Optional Fuel Tax Reporting

Improve Your Operations with Encompass® Vehicle Tracking

Today, fleets are facing increased costs, inflation, supply chain constraints, increase of cargo and vehicle theft, as well as pressure from insurers and litigators.

Fortunately, Encompass® Vehicle Tracking technology can help carriers effectively and quickly address many of the influences of these challenges. It's is an easy-to-use GPS solution to help you manage your vehicles and improve operations. Whether federal or state rules regulate your vehicles, you need to know where they are at all times. Our vehicle tracking solution works with all vehicle classes, giving you visibility to your entire fleet – heavy and light-duty trucks, vans, utility, and service trucks.

Encompass® Vehicle Tracking helps you:
  • Ensure employee productivity through mapping, engine status, and GPS speed

  • Plan trips effectively using current traffic and weather

  • Communicate with shippers using geofencing features

  • Recover stolen or abandoned vehicles

  • Optimize vehicle utilization

Encompass® Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking device with connection pins

J. J. Keller® Vehicle Telematics Device

Encompass Vehicle Tracking utilitizes the J. J. Keller® Vehicle Tracking Device. It provides state-of-the-art GPS technology with easy installation. It plugs directly into your vehicle's diagnostic port or via an appropriate harness.

The J. J. Keller® Vehicle Tracking device offers:

  • Exceptional reliability & accuracy using the strongest cellular networks available
  • Flexibility for tracking all vehicle classes
  • Distraction-free tracking with no driver interaction required
  • Automated import of odometer readings for accurate PMs
  • Rugged, shock-certified, dust-proof, water-resistant, MIL-STD 202g tested and IP65 rated

Laptop with Trip information

Optional IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

Encompass® Vehicle Tracking offers optional fuel tax reporting, automating IFTA and IRP reporting. The solution provides a centralized repository for all required documentation, supports the data import of fuel cards, and accommodates “weight-distance” tax for Kentucky, Oregon, New York, Connecticut, and New Mexico, as well as Canadian provinces.

Laptop with map and tracking information

Encompass® Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking data is sent to the Encompass back office, giving you timely visibility into a vehicle’s location, route, and trip history. Plus, you can identify unnecessary stops, out-of-route miles, and dwell time at shippers.

Advanced mapping delivers multiple view options and up-to-date information on weather and traffic conditions, so drivers and customers can be notified of delays or re-routing.


The current status of your vehicles - in motion, stopped, no GPS data for 2 hours; current location - street, city, state, zip; date, time, relevant traffic and weather; GPS speed and vehicle trip history.

A vehicle tracker plugs directly into the vehicle's diagnostic port via an appropriate harness (9-pin, 6-pin, OBD-II) or a direct hardwire connection.

The J. J. Keller® Vehicle Telematics Device works with all vehicle classes, 1-8.

Vehicle trackers help fleets improve productivity and operations. For example, an operations manager can track drivers and ensure they aren't making unauthorized stops and wasting fuel. They can communicate with clients on expected service times or delivery with geofencing. Automatic capture of odometer data streamlines vehicle maintenance and utilization.

GPS data is captured in near real-time by the vehicle tracker and can be adjusted based on your company’s needs.

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