Electronic Recordkeeping

Compliance for Improved Safety & Operations

FMCSA Driver and Employee Recordkeeping

The Encompass® System automates daily FMCSA-required tasks and provides complete visibility to driver and employee records. You have access to powerful in-depth reporting to trends and risk across all operational areas and locations. With 24/7 online access to your records and data, you can manage all facets of your DOT compliance from anywhere.

Encompass provides:
  • Regulation-based credential checklists for CDL and non-CDL drivers, as well as CMVs and non-CMVs 

  • Alerts for scheduled and pending renewal dates

  • Efficient tracking of DOT-required and company-specific documents, plus easy import and quick search/filter functionality

  • Automated workflows that eliminate redundant tasks and provide consistency across locations

  • Flexibility through pre-employment screening data from third-party providers

  • A customizable DOT driver online application you can use on your website, popular job boards, and other hiring sites

Encompass ensures every person driving a CMV is fully qualified in accordance with DOT driver qualification regulations. It helps you manage every facet of regulatory compliance including your hiring process, employee and driver training, and vehicle compliance.

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Documentation plays a key role in proving that you comply with highway safety regulations and your duty to protect the public. In today’s world of off-site DOT audits and nuclear verdicts, you can’t afford not to maintain your records to the highest standards. Your hopes of success in court or during a DOT, OSHA, DOL, or other government audit are significantly impacted by what you can prove with your records. Investing in an electronic records management system is the answer. 

After hitting a low point in 2020, FMCSA audits are on the rebound. Electronic records are vital as many of those audits are now being conducted off-site. You may be expected to upload your driver, vehicle, and other compliance files to the auditor electronically, so you must be ready.

Storing and managing your compliance files electronically using a fleet management system - instead of relying on paper - will pay dividends. Motor carriers that switch to electronic records see numerous benefits:

1. Time Savings. Electronic documents are always in their proper place and are stored uniformly for each employee or vehicle.

2. Easier document sharing. Electronic storage simplifies the sharing of documents.

3. Automated auditing. Good fleet management systems audit your files automatically to ensure they’re complete, compliant, and kept up to date.

4. Better visibility for decision-making and workflow. Key players have instant access to needed documentation, whether it’s complete or in-process.

5. Improved data security and cloud storage.

Regulated documents are secured and access controlled with no lost or damaged records. 

In 2022, on-site audits increased, meaning more violations were found, and higher penalties were paid. Last year saw a 10-percent rise in investigations that led to some type of enforcement. When fines are levied, they are higher than ever. The maximum fines the FMCSA is allowed to levy are tied to inflation and have increased by 14 percent over the past two years. In 2022:

  • $25,700,000 in fines were collected (up 40%)
  • $7,100 was paid per settlement, on average (up 7%)
  • 27% resulted in fines or other penalties

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