24/7 GPS Fleet Tracking 

Encompass Vehicle Tracking

Improving Your Operations with GPS Vehicle Tracking

J. J. Keller® Encompass® Vehicle Tracking is an easy-to-use GPS solution to help you manage your vehicles and improve operations. Whether your vehicles are regulated by federal or state rules, you need to know where they are at all times. 

Our vehicle tracking solution works with all vehicle classes, so you have visibility to your entire fleet – heavy and light-duty trucks, vans, utility and service trucks, and every truck in-between. 

24/7 vehicle tracking also provides a layer of protection against vehicle theft and misuse. When drivers are unable to answer calls, you'll have the ability to see their location on a map.

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J. J. Keller® Encompass® Vehicle TrackingJ. J. Keller Encompass Platform with Geotab GO9 Vehicle Tracking Device

Encompass® Vehicle Tracking partners the powerful Encompass® Platform with the Geotab GO9 device to provide 24/7 tracking of all powered units, giving you insight to every vehicle location, speed, and tracking status, including the ability to view:

  • The current status of your vehicles - in motion, stopped, no GPS data for 2 hours,
  • Current location - street, city, state, zip,
  • Date,
  • Time,
  • Applicable traffic and weather,
  • GPS speed, and
  • Vehicle tracking history.

With near real-time visibility to your vehicles, you can improve vehicle utilization, track freight and deliveries, and find your vehicle if it is stolen.

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Change the way you see your fleet with Encompass®


How Vehicle Tracking Works

The Encompass® Vehicle Tracking solution uses the Geotab GO9 device, a harness (if your vehicle requires one), and the Encompass® Fleet Management Platform.

Geotab go deviceGeotab GO9 Device

The GO9 device uses state-of-the-art GPS technology with easy plug-and-play installation. It does not require a dash-mounted or external antenna, or any modifications to your vehicle’s wiring. The GO9 device sends the engine status and GPS data via LTE cellular network to the Encompass® Platform, where the data is presented in near real-time. 

The solution does not require interaction from the driver and updates are done over-the-air. 

Encompass platform

The Encompass® Platform provides you timely information on your vehicles, where they are at, and their status. You're able to see vehicle history stamped with date, time speed, location, and more. Encompass mapping includes traffic, weather, and traffic camera views so that you can make informed decisions that better serve your customers and protect drivers.

View of traffic camera on the Encompass PlatformView of weather map on the Encompass Platform


With the Encompass® Platform you get more.

Encompass helps you comply with complex DOT requirements for vehicle legalization, driver qualification, drug and alcohol program management, hours of service, and more. 

Encompass provides centralized paperless recordkeeping and alerts so you can stay on top of vehicle maintenance, DVIRs, and renewable items like medical cards, MVRs, and vehicle credentials. When paired with the J. J. Keller® Encompass® DVIR mobile app for iPhone® and Android™, fleets can reduce risk and exponentially increase visibility to every vehicle’s status and health through mobile pre- and post-trip inspections and a streamlined defect resolution process.

Access to DOT expert help, 24/7 driver support and unrivaled customer care aren’t extras — they’re an integral part of the Encompass solution. 

And when you’re ready to grow, you can add-on dash cams, ELDs, mobile apps, and other features to help you improve operations and safety. It’s the system built for growth. 


Encompass® Vehicle Tracking with IFTA 

The Encompass® Vehicle Tracking solution is available with optional Fuel Tax Reporting, automating the IFTA reporting process for impacted fleets. Using the GO9 device, Encompass® captures total trip distance and miles traveled in states, populating state-specific forms in seconds. The platform also provides a centralized repository for all required documentation, supports the data import of fuel cards, and accommodates “weight-distance” tax for Kentucky, Oregon, New York, and New Mexico.



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