With the J. J. Keller® Encompass® Fleet Management Platform you can track your vehicle miles within each state and jurisdiction, manually or electronically, with J. J. Keller® ELDs. In addition, you can maintain and accurately manage the required monthly and quarterly IRP reporting requirements. 


Example of an IRP worksheetEncompass with ELogs automates reporting by electronically gathering both the distance traveled by each apportioned vehicle in the fleet during the calendar month, and the distance traveled in the month in each jurisdiction, so you easily submit accurate IRP monthly summaries.

Plus, the Encompass® Platform helps you comply with compliance requirements for the preservation of records.  IRP requires the licensee to preserve the records the apportioned registration application is based upon for the current application year, plus the three preceding mileage years.  Depending on when you might be required to renew your registration, this time period may be over six years. For this reason, it’s recommended to keep your mileage data for six and one-half years.

End a tedious and time-consuming reporting process and set your drivers free from extra paperwork and accounting.

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The International Registration Plan is an agreement that provides for the apportioned registration of commercial motor vehicles, allowing a qualifying commercial vehicle to travel through several jurisdictions with one license plate, provided the apportioned registration fees have been paid for each jurisdiction of travel shown on the cab card. The lower 48 states, the District of Columbia, and the 10 Canadian provinces are members of the organization.

Registration is based upon “apportioning” the fees, which means paying fees in proportion to the distance traveled in each jurisdiction. For example, if a carrier operates 70 percent of its miles in Wisconsin and 30 percent of its miles in Illinois, then 70 percent of the registration fees are paid to Wisconsin and 30 percent to Illinois. A carrier registers in a single base state or province (base jurisdiction).  When you are apportioned, you must keep track of all mileage by jurisdiction using an individual vehicle mileage record (IVMR) or other electronic recording devices, such as GPS or electronic logging devices.

Most fleets tracking this information manually struggle with:

  • Locating missing IVMRs and related data, including miles
  • Compiling the miles in each state and province
  • Accurately completing required forms
  • Overlooking miles when totaling miles for each jurisdiction