Three Ways to Enhance Your Fleet's Performance in 2023

Here are three ways to enhance your fleet's performance by building resilience and trust within your organization.

Published On: 12/29/2022
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J. J. Keller Senior Editor Mark Schedler

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Mark Schedler

Sr. Transportation Management Editor — J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

At this time of year, most companies have already completed 2023 planning. But fleet professionals are always considering how to improve 2023 performance and avoid falling prey to 2022 pitfalls.

While we typically offer blogs with best practices, regulations, and intelligent ways to protect your company and drivers, this article takes a broader approach with three tips for enhancing your fleet's performance by leveraging a strategy that builds resilience and trust within an organization.

1. Pursue and support a positive driver culture that promotes retention.

Training and skills development. Nothing shows genuine concern like helping employees and drivers develop skills without shame or the threat of unemployment.

Communicate clearly, frequently, and in multiple formats. Policies and procedures, pay plans, and safety award programs that are overly complex will sabotage the best plans and intentions. Instead, follow the Keep It Simple principle and review communications with an internal team before sharing.

2. Pursue continuous innovation - in the cab and general operations.

While daily fires are part of a fleet manager's job, commit to staying above the fray and thinking strategically.

Seek out peers and business partners for support. Professional groups, like state trucking associations, provide education and advocacy and identify potential issues and legislation that can impact your operation. Third parties and consultants can provide unbiased insights into your internal processes, procedures, programs, and workflows. They can suggest improvements and tested methodologies that reduce the stress of change and the risk of failure.

Investigate solutions that help you reduce risk, improve productivity, and provide transparency to safety and operations. Technology changes how customers consume, shippers ship, and carriers move and deliver freight. Consider installing and updating evolving technologies like smart devices that support driver apps, vehicle trackersdash cams, and ELDs.

3. Encourage and support excellence at the individual level.

It’s no surprise that the entire organization thrives when individuals are recognized, encouraged, and supported. Find and support your employees who look for better, more innovative ways to save money and improve operations. Involve drivers in reviewing and evaluating processes and safety, identify and remove barriers, and improve your culture.

You and your team can make 2023 a great year!

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