Are You Exempt from ELDs - Part 2

HOS exemptions present quite a bit of confusion for drivers, enforcement personnel, and carriers alike.

Daren Hansen - Sr. DOT Editor - J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

January 26 , 2018

As mentioned in part 1 of this article, there are a significant number of exemptions from the ELD mandate. These exemptions present quite a bit of confusion for drivers, enforcement personnel, and carriers alike. And to make things even more difficult, drivers must be able to explain the exemption they are using at a roadside inspection.  If they are not completely trained and/or do not thoroughly understand the exemption they are claiming, it will be viewed by the inspecting officer as a matter worthy of greater scrutiny. And no one wants that!

As usual, education and training are key when it comes to Hours of Service, especially for drivers using an exemption. New-hire and refresher training for hours of service is essential to reduce violations and protect your company from unnecessary legal risk.

A successful technique is role play. Consider role playing the inspection process and practice until the driver feels confident in answering any possible questions an officer could ask. Again, they need to be able to confidently explain the exemption they are using.  If they really want to impress the officer, they can use the regulatory citation.

As mentioned previously, numerous organizations have requested additional exemptions, so the situation is fluid and may change at any time. To find out if you are exempt, consider taking our ELD Exemption Assessment. The assessment, developed by J. J. Keller’s team of compliance specialists and conducted by phone, consists of 21 questions that will determine which, if any, of your drivers are exempt from using electronic logging devices. The results of the assessment will also be sent electronically to the fleet for their reference.


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