Log Auditing Checklist

No matter what type of record of duty status method your drivers are required to use — ELDs, paper logs, or time records — you should periodically conduct manual audits of logs. While each log type shares some common audits, there are unique requirements for each that should be evaluated, including manual checks for:

  • Non-compliance with hours-of-service (HOS) limits
  • Form and manner mistakes
  • Intentional falsification
  • And more

In the J. J. Keller Log Audits Checklist, you get a detailed audit checklist with dozens of compliance checks for ELDs, paper logs, and time records (short-haul) that automated systems won't find.

Don't risk HOS violations at roadside inspections, an FMCSA audit, or litigation following a severe crash. Fill out the form to download your copy of the Log Audits Checklist today and talk with a compliance specialist about how Encompass® Platform can help you with hours-of-service!

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ELD log auditing checklist