Use Dash Cameras To Predict And Prevent Risk

Dash cam systems provide clarity and visual confirmation of influential variables such as traffic flow, road and weather conditions, as well as actions of surrounding drivers. The capabilities and quality of our dash-mounted cameras creates a short and favorable ROI, bringing benefits to large and small carriers alike.

J. J. Keller® Encompass® Video Event Management helps you understand the most impactful risk behaviors by providing powerful reporting and trends that help you proactively target your driver training and disciplinary actions.

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Video Event Dashboard

The Encompass® Video Event Management provides a robust coaching workflow. Protect your fleet and proactively reduce your risk through advanced detection and continuous tracking of dangerous driving behaviors and accidents. The proprietary algorithm within Encompass®  Video Event Management technology reduces false positives. All video and data are protected on a highly secure network, using the latest encryption, penetration, and threat testing.

Video Event Scoring

Video event review and scoring is key to an effective video safety program. Encompass® Video Event Management presents choices and makes recommendations to the back-office administrator, empowering you to view, score, and take corrective action on events that you have determined are the greatest risk to your fleet.

Court Reporter™ Event File Manager

Protect your fleet and driver with detailed recordkeeping in case of litigation. The Court Reporter™ Event File Manager is a complete audit trail of every interaction with a video record — including who watched and downloaded the video, and actions taken to score, share, and change status, down to the keystroke and mouse click.

Encompass Video Event Management
Protect your organization and proactively address poor driving behaviors.