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Proactive Driver Coaching and Risk Management

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Improve Safety with Dash Cam Technology

Detecting problematic driving behaviors can be a significant challenge for most fleets. But with Dash Cam video technology, you can get timely insight that helps you proactively address poor driving behaviors.  Dash camera technology helps you conduct targeted coaching that may reduce the frequency of risk behaviors associated with violations and crashes, making it invaluable to protecting your brand identity.

In studies conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), the use of an event-based video system in combination with a driver behavior modification system, accounted for estimated 20 percent and 35 percent reductions in fatal and injury crashes, respectively.

It’s time to take advantage of in-cab video technology and reduce your risk with the new Video Event Management solution from J. J. Keller.  Combining Dash Cam Pro video intelligence with the proven Encompass solution delivers reliable guidance that will benefit your fleet.

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Encomapss Dash Cam Pro Video Event Management Solution

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J. J. Keller® Encompass® Video Event Management

The new Video Event Management solution includes the Dash Cam Pro, the video app loaded on an iPhone®, iPad® or Android device, and the Encompass back office. 

The front-facing, Dash Cam Pro is an industrial grade camera that connects to your mobile device via Wi-Fi to capture live video.  The video app interprets road data and traffic signs within the live video and audits driver behaviors using your smart device’s GPS data.  Video and photos of risk-related events are captured and tagged, including hard acceleration, hard braking, cornering, lane drifting, following too close, rolling stops, and more.

Event data and footage is then transmitted via the app to the Encompass back office where you can view videos, photos, maps to pinpoint events facts, detailed driver and event reporting, and data trends.

The solution empowers you to examine evidence leading up to an event or accident, exonerate innocent drivers, and identify fatigued or distracted driving.  As a result, your fleet can benefit from reduced insurance rates, improved CSA scores, and safer drivers.

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