Our FMCSA-certified hours-of-service and mobile platform gives you the choice of a bring-your-own-device option (BYOD) or the J. J. Keller® Compliance Tablet™. The BYOD solution offers the flexibility to use your own smart device, while the Compliance Tablet offers fleets a turnkey solution to simplify compliance.



The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) option is part of an all-inclusive ELog system, which includes the KellerMobile® logging app, a J. J. Keller® ELD, and the Encompass web-based back office.

The BYOD option lets your drivers use our mandate-compliant ELogs app on an iPhone®, iPad® or Android smart device, giving you immediate ROI with:

  • Low Startup Cost
  • Minimal Training
  • Technology drivers use daily

The Encompass with ELog solution works with all class 1-8 vehicles and supports multiple HOS rulesets, exempt, team, and non-regulated drivers.

We recommend iPhone® and iPad® devices with an iOS 10.3 or greater. Android devices should use OS 5 or above and have Bluetooth 2.1 and above.

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A turnkey solution


The J. J. Keller® Compliance Tablet™ offers a simple, flexible turnkey solution for easily integrating ELogs, EDVIRs, and dash cameras into your fleet. By sourcing and securing compatible devices and data plans, the Compliance Tablet also saves you valuable time and money, and can be used right out of the box. It’s just one component of our Connected Technology system, and works in tandem with the:

• J. J. Keller® ELD, including mandate-compliant elogging and DVIR applications
• Encompass® web-based back office
• Dash Cam Pro and Encompass® Video Event Management service

With your choice of the Semi-Rugged or Professional Compliance Tablet, you’ll receive:

• Compatibility with all vehicle classes (1-8)
• Full support from J. J. Keller Customer Care
• 24/7 remote access
• Optional CoPilot® Truck™ navigation system
• Built-in data plan
• Ability to make each tablet vehicle-specific
• Lock-down function

With J. J. Keller, you don’t have to stop at mandate-compliant electronic logging.

The Compliance Tablet can save your fleet time and money by allowing you to perform driver, vehicle and performance management tasks from one, convenient mobile device. And with the 24/7 support of our Customer Care Specialists, you’ll always have access to reliable service and expertise.


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Semi-Rugged Compliance Tablet

The Semi-Rugged tablet features a rubberized case for advanced drop protection and durable construction to withstand high vibration and wide temperature ranges.

• -4° to 140°F operating range
• Includes rubber casement, Samsung stylus, and ELD Micro USB Tether
• Tethered or Bluetooth connectivity options


Professional Compliance Tablet

The Professional tablet is ideal for less rugged environments, offering a smaller, lightweight option for increased portability.

• 32° to 95°F operating range
• Includes multiple mounting and docking options
• Bluetooth connectivity

Tablet Docking and Mount Accessories

To help you meet the requirements of 49 CFR Sec. 395.22(g) — and provide added support and protection for your compliance tablet — we also provide warranty options and a wide selection of mount and docking accessories to choose from.

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